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The Next Generation of Hazardous Location Fire Signals

Automatically synchronized, supervised audible & visual signals for explosion proof & hazardous locations



E2S Product Videos

View Product: D2xB1LD2 Class I Div 2 Synchronized LED Beacon UL 1971 38.38cd, Surge Current 238ma

View Product: D2xB1LD2 Class 1 Div 2 LED Beacon Warning Light - 24VDC

View Product: D2xB1X10 Class 1 Div 2 Xenon Strobe 10 Joule

View Product: D2xB1XH2 Haz Loc UL1971 70.29cd Strobe - Synchronized, In-Rush: 828mA Within 4.4ms

View Product: D2xC2LD2 Class I Div2 Combined LED Beacon 38.38cd UL 1971 With Alarm Horn Sounder UL 464, 460ma Surge Current

View Product: D2xC2LD2 Class I Div2 Combined LED Beacon UL1638 With Alarm Horn Sounder UL464

View Product: D2xC1 Alarm Horn Sounder/Strobe 5 & 10 Joule 24VDC - Hazardous Location Class 1 Div 2 - 64 Tones Available For 4 Outputs

View Product: D2xS1 Alarm Horn Sounder - 24VDC - Hazardous Location Class 1 Div 2 - 64 Tones Available For 4 Outputs

The brightest UL1971/UL1638 signal available for Class I/II Div 1 or Zone 1/20 explosion proof applications.

The D1xB2XH2 model has a UL1971 light output of over 190 candelas with an operating current of only 1.16A and the D1xB2XH1 model achieves over 86 candelas whilst drawing only 635mA.

The unique E2S automatic flash synchronization feature removes the need for any additional synchronization modules. When combined with the innovative in-rush limiting electronic circuit design and low operating current, more D1xB2 visual signals can be installed per circuit – simplifying system design and reducing cost.

Suitable for Class I environments, including all gas groups A, B, C & D, as well as Class II E, F & G. The extended operating temperature range of up to -67° to +176°F ensures the D1xB2 beacons can be employed in the most arduous of applications.


The combination UL464/UL1638 signals available for Class I/II Div 1 or Zone 1 explosion proof applications that can be orientated in any direction.

The D1xS family contains next generation alarm horns featuring 64 alarm tone frequencies and four remotely activated stages/channels. All alarm tones are automatically synchronized and suitable for public mode installations with a SPL of up to 116dB(A) @ 10ft.

When combined with the powerful 5 or 10 Joule Xenon strobe beacons the D1xC enables both audible and visual signals to be intiated over a single cable with one installation point, reducing system and labour costs.

Suitable for Class I environments, including all gas groups A, B, C & D. The threaded flame path and multiple cable entries simplify installation.


The D2x family provides high-performance signaling for hazardous and industrial locations in an innovative compact enclosure. Globally certified by UL to Class I/II Div 2 and Class I Zone 2/22 plus IECEx & ATEX Zone 2/22.

Designed for applications requiring compliant signals to UL464 and UL1638 for public mode fire alarm installations and to UL1971 as emergency-signaling devices for the hearing impaired.

The D2xB1LD2-H is a synchronized, supervised, hazardous location LED beacon signal with a 38.38cd output. Automatically synchronized without the need for additional modules. Industry leading low in-rush and minimal current consumption coupled with a LED life time of over 60,000 hours - the D2xB1LD2-H is the next generation of hazardous location fire signals.

The D2xB1XH1 (18.18cd) and the D2xB1XH2 (70.29cd) satisfy applications requiring Xenon strobes. These high output visual signals also automatically synchronize without the need for additional modules, reducing overall system cost and installation time. Designed to minimize inrush and maximize the number of devices per circuit.


For complete audio-visual warning the D2xC2 type combination unit provides the ultimate in fire signaling. With a sound output up to 116dB(A), 64 alarm tone frequencies and 4 remotely selectable stages/chanels, the alarm horn can provide safe signaling for multiple scenarios from one device. The integrated LED or Xenon beacon can be linked internally to the alarm horn minimizing cabling and installation time.

The entire assembly is automatically synchronized with other D2xC2 units on the same circuit without the need for synchronization modules. The D2xS1 alarm horn is also available for applications requiring only audible signaling.

The marine grade aluminum enclosure with an ingress protection of IP66/ Type 4, 4X is suitable for the harshest of environments. The D2x family is approved for use in both Class I & II atmospheres.