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52-024-1 Resonating Horn - 24VDC

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52-024-1 Resonating Horn - 24VDC

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  • Available in 24VDC
  • Withstands extreme outdoor conditions
  • Produces 114dBa @ 10` (124dBa @ 1m)
  • Surface mount with flanges
  • Type 4X enclosure


Federal Signal Model 52 resonating horn produces 114dBa @ 10 feet (124dBa @ 1m) with a 1,000 foot range. It is capable of penetrating high ambient noise levels. Being electrically-activated, the Model 52 does not require an air compressor for operation. Model 52 is built as ruggedly as the equipment it serves and is able to withstand the shocks, vibrations, dust and atmospheric conditions encountered in off-road use. The operating temperature range is -40ºF to 185ºF (-40ºC to 85ºC).

Rubber gaskets and a power connector make the Model 52 completely watertight. The projector and internal parts are made of zinc coated steel or stainless steel to resist corrosion; the exterior is sealed with gray enamel paint. The housing is die-cast aluminum. Tied and adhesive bonded internal wiring helps prevent electrical shorts, wire breakage, and loose connections. The Model 52 is available in 24VDC. It`s 1832V operating range allows for voltage inconsistencies. Model 52 has a duty cycle of five minutes on and five minutes off.

Model 52 resonating horn is specifically designed for off-road vehicles. It provides the very loud sound for which an air horn is usually required, but without the need for an expensive compressor.

Used by major manufacturers of construction equipment, Model 52 resonating horns suit the warning needs of any offroad vehicle working in a high noise environment, including excavators, backhoes, compactors (steamrollers), loaders, tractors, bulldozers, trenchers, and scrapers.

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