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Air horn, 6", high pitch - Model 6H


Air horn, 6", high pitch - Model 6H

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  • Available 120VAC solenoid air valve sold separately
  • Recommended Solenoid Model EVL for 6H
  • Wide variety of tones and sizes
  • For indoor/outdoor use
  • Type 4X enclosure

Federal Signal offers a line of air horns in a variety of tones and sizes for the industrial marketplace. High, medium and low tones are available which provides a wide range of frequencies and high sound output. Federal Signal air horns feature a one-piece, cast aluminum alloy housing which has been treated to provide corrosion-resistance. The horns include specialized long-lasting stainless steel diaphragms. These precisely machined horns will yield peak performance at proper working air pressures and are virtually indestructible. The 3-inch horn (Model 3H) has a threaded female pipe connection. The Model 6H features flanges for additional support. Federal Signal air horns operate with 20 to 150 p.s.i., (pounds per square inch) but they are tuned for 80 to 90 p.s.i. operation. The horn frequency (pitch) depends on both the diameter and length of the projector. Decibel output at 10 feet is 122dBA (132dBA @ 1m). The horns require a 120VAC Federal Signal air valve (air valve sold separately). Use Model EVS with the 3H and Model EVL with the 6H. Air horns can be used indoors, outdoors, or anywhere compressed air can be provided. Federal Signal Air Horns are the loudest audible signals offered for indoor applications. They are not subject to sparking and are ideal for hazardous locations (the valves need to be located in a non-hazardous location).

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