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AudioRouter, 8 zones, 8 Presets, AR2000M


AudioRouter, 8 zones, 8 Presets, AR2000M

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  • Routes audio input to eight zones and eight presets
  • Activation of output via buttons or dry contacts
  • Access to paging via local microphone or telephone
  • Rack mount
  • Auxiliary zone and preset models available
  • UL and cUL Listed, FCC Approved

Federal Signal's AudioRouter™ is an audio multiplexing system capable of directing selected audio inputs to specific zones. The AudioRouter can be used in a public address system as a central control for routing voice pages, pre-recorded messages, and other audio sources to specified zones or areas within a facility.

The center of the AudioRouter system is the Model AR2000-M. The AR2000-M accepts the following source inputs: 25 Vrms, 70 Vrms, 1 Volt peak-to-peak, a telephone line, and a local microphone. The 25 Vrms and 70 Vrms inputs are designed for use with the AM25CK, AM70CK, or any SelecTone® Command Unit or CommCenter. The 1 Volt peak-to-peak input is suitable for line-level, amplified audio sources, such as CD players. The telephone input allows users to broadcast messages from any telephone in the facility. To page, the user dials the AudioRouter's extension, records a message, and hangs up. The digitally recorded message is stored and broadcast over the system immediately after the call is completed. The local microphone input works with the Federal Signal Models MNC-1 Hand-held Microphone or MSB-1 Desktop Microphone.

AudioRouter outputs are organized into two source Channels and eight Zones. Combinations of multiple Zones and Channels can be programmed into eight additional Presets. Zones, Channels, and Presets are easily programmed and selected with buttons on the front panel of the unit. Presets can also be activated remotely via dry contacts located on the back panel of the unit. An ‘All-Call’ button located on the front panel selects all zones simultaneously. Outputs can be configured for 25 Vrms, 70 Vrms, or 1 Volt peak-to-peak. The 25 Vrms and 70 Vrms lines are suitable for use with SelecTone amplified speakers and the 1 Volt peak-to-peak can be coupled with any AudioMaster HP Series Amplfier to drive AudioMaster® Speakers.

Should more than eight Zones and Presets be required, auxiliary units can be added for increased capacity. The AR2000-Z offers eight additional Zones. Seven AudioRouters can be installed with a single AR2000-M  to provide for a total of 64 Zones and 64 Presets.

The AR2000 operates on 24VDC or 120/240VAC. The AudioRouter is UL Listed to standard 813 Commercial Audio Equipment. The AudioRouter is also FCC Approved.

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