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252 Vehicular Back-up Alarm - 253 Vehicular Back-up Alarm

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Features 252

  • Operates within the 12-48VDC range used in most vehicles
  • Rugged weather-proof housing
  • Solid-state, epoxy-sealed electronics
  • Produces 97dB @ 4' (109dB @ 1m)
  • Universal mounting
  • Conforms to SAE J994 sound level Type C requirements
  • Type 4X enclosure

Model 252 back-up alarm is a solid-state audible warning device enclosed in a weather-proof housing. The alarm produces a horn tone of 97dB at four feet (109dB at 1m) and sounds at approximately 60 times per minute with equal on and off pulses. This alarm conforms to S (Society of Automotive Engineers) J994 Sound Level Type C.

Model 252 housing is constructed of black glass-reinforced plastic and comes equipped with universal mountings for easy installation. When properly installed, this unit is weather-proof, dust-proof and not adversely affected by the steam cleaning of vehicles. This rugged device is polarity protected and will operate within a range of 12VDC–48VDC.

Model 252 is designed for use in a wide variety of vehicles that operate in populated areas both indoors and out. This alarm is ideal for use on forklifts, tractors, waste disposal vehicles, dump trucks, earth moving equipment or any other vehicle that operates near people. This alarm is an economical life-safety device designed to prevent accidents.

Features 253

  • Operates on 12-48VDC power
  • Universal mounting
  • Produces 82dB107dB @ 4' (92dB120dB @ 1m)
  • Type 4X enclosure
  • UL Listed

Model 253 is a unique backup alarm that samples the ambient noise levels surrounding the vehicle and adjusts its sound output automatically. The decibel output can vary from 82dB to 107dB @ 4 feet (92dB to 120dB @ 1m) when activated.

By listening to the surrounding sound levels, model 253 will continuously adjust the output to provide 10dB (+/- 4db) over ambient noise levels. This self-adjusting vehicular alarm provides just the right level of audible signal required to warn employees of an approaching fork lift or tow motor. This solid-state device operates on 12-48VDC vehicle system voltage and emits sound at 80 pulses per minute. It is polarity protected and will not operate when incorrectly wired.

This backup alarm is completely sealed in a Type 4X housing. It complies with UL 583, recognized for use on Battery-Powered Industrial Trucks. This alarm operates as a Smart device, self-adjusting its sound output level to the decibel level necessary to be heard above current ambient noise levels.

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