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Model 300SA SelecTone slave amplifier


Model 300SA SelecTone slave amplifier

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 Instruction sheets


    The Model 300SA is a solid-state slave amplifier capable of driving up to ten watts of 312 ohm loudspeakers. Model 300SA is capable of amplifying voice or tone signals originating at the SelecTone Command unit or other audio source. Refer to the service manual packed with the SelecTone Command for additional information.

    Electronic circuitry is located on a printed circuit board within the rugged diecast aluminum housing. All connections (power, signal and speaker) can be conveniently made at one terminal board within the housing. It is designed to operate from 24 volts AC or DC.


    2.  System Application

    A typical system is shown in Figure 1. One Model 300VSC is capable of activating hun- dreds of Model 300SA and Model 300GC units. Observe that Figure 1 illustrates that it is possible to use Model 300GC units (when equipped with Model 300CK printed

    circuit connector board) in combination with Model 300SA units.


    B.  Specifications


    1. Model 300SA Slave
      1. Operating Voltage 24 Vac or dc, ±10%
      2. Standby Current 24 Vac – 10 mA, 24 Vdc – 5 mA
      3. Operating Current 24 Vac – 50 A (max.), 24 Vdc – 0.83 A (max.)
      4. Tone Signal Output (square wave)* 24 Vac – 21 Vrms,

    24 Vdc – 19.5 Vrms

    1. Voice Output (undistorted sine wave)*

    24 Vac – 14 Vrms,

    24 Vdc – 13.5 Vrms

    1. Maximum Power Output* 24 Vac – 7 watts,

    24 Vdc – 12.7 watts

    1. Weight (Net) 2-3/4 lb (1.24 kg)
    2. Dimensions (inches) 5-5/8 x 4-15/16 x 3-1/4
    3. Temperature Range -40 °C to ~75 °C

    *   Measured with 30-ohm resistive load


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