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AMR6 AudioMaster̴å¬ 8 Watt Ceiling Speaker


AMR6 AudioMaster̴å¬ 8 Watt Ceiling Speaker

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Cut sheets

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  • Transformer coupled for 25, 70 or 100Vrms systems
  • 8 watt
  • Flexible mounting
  • Back box and tile bridge included

The Federal Signal Model AMR6 is a high-quality ceiling speaker for public address and music in industrial, municipal and commercial office environments.

Power handling for the AMR6 is eight watt with transformer taps at 8, 4, 2, 1 and 0.5 watts. The AMR6-2570K operates in 25 or 70 Vrms systems and the AMR6-100K operates in 100 Vrms systems.

The speaker is designed to mount flush in a ceiling or wall cavity.

Construction materials were selected to provide years of service in demanding conditions. The steel speaker frame and grille are finished with white staked epoxy for superior durability. Quick release torsion spring mounting is provided for easy installation.

The AMR6 offers a wide frequency response of 110Hz to 20,000Hz that reproduces a full range of voice, music and electronically generated tones. To achieve these impressive results both a woofer and a neodymium tweeter are utilized. Neodymium is a rare earth metal known for high energy in compact sizes.

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