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A12SA Voice Gun̴å¬ Portable Loudspeaker


A12SA Voice Gun̴å¬ Portable Loudspeaker

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  • Excellent sound quality
  • Trouble-free solid-state design
  • Battery operated

Take control of the situation with Federal Signal Voice Guns – the most powerful lightweight electronic megaphones available. Specialized noise cancelling microphones improve voice reproduction even at long distances. Rugged high-impact Cycolac parts are virtually indestructible for long service life. Ideal for industrial, fire, marine, athletics, law enforcement and many other applications.

Model A12SA is made of Lexan high-impact, self-extinguishing plastic. This benefit makes it appropriate for hazardous environments such as oil refineries and other industries where fire hazard is always present. The A12SA Voice Gun® Portable Loudspeaker operates on eight AA batteries.

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