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About The Signal Source

When it comes to fire alarm signals for special applications, The Signal Source is
the one name that is constantly depended upon to deliver.

The Signal Source is the largest independent distributor of hazardous, explosion-
proof, and heavy-duty industrial notification appliances for life safety applications
throughout the commercial, industrial, marine, and offshore industries in North
America. These industries include offshore oil and gas production as well as
commercial and industrial manufacturing.

Our signals consist of leading-edge technology and features such as programable
flash rates and self-synchronization for visual devices, eliminating the need for
synchronization modules.

Since the beginning of our company more than 25 years ago, our team of
customer-focused professionals have provided the most efficient and
comprehensive solutions that are in compliance with all applicable codes to the
most difficult hazardous life safety projects.

We can meet all the unique and essential notification requirements your projects
require since we have the knowledge, years of experience, and high-quality goods that are required.

Our slogan, “Industry’s Source for Signaling Solutions," says it all!